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Product Name:
3048*3048*50mm U-Shaped LED Light Fixture
Model Number :

1)U-shaped light fixture, 24V, 170-195W, 96lm/w, CRI 90, 360 degree light emitting, 3000K.

2)Size: 3048*3048*50mm, with 2 meter UL listed two core black cable, three year warranty. 

3)Including the following components:

(1)Three types of CNC parts, 2pcs each type, black, material: aluminum.

(2)OD 45mm acrylic tube, 1480mm long x 2pcs, 1279mm long x 2 pcs, 1180mm long x 2 pcs, aluminum gut inside.

(3)Aircraft cables at least 72” long.

(4)Acrylic tubes are locked into sleeves by screws.

(5)Three power leads come out from the sleeves in the middle.

(6)Two rubber gaskets which can prevent sleeves from damaging the mirror.

U-shaped LED light fixture B 600.jpg

U-shaped LED light fixture 2 600.jpg

U-shaped LED light fixture 3 600.jpg

U-shaped LED light fixture - ES-SC1A.jpg

U-shaped LED light fixture - ES-SC2.jpg

U-shaped LED light fixture - ES-SC3.jpg

U-shaped LED light fixture - ES-C40P8.jpg

U-shaped LED light fixture - ES-C45.jpg

Installation parts U-shaped LED light fixture.jpg

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